Vacation is HARD 

Ok.. Its time for real talk! 

And it has been a while.. 

Vacation is HARD when it comes to eating healthy! 

My vacation started off great, I packed my healthy snacks and was so mentally prepared to have a healthy vacation. 

When we got to Calgary we went to a really healthy resturant called The Chopped Leaf and I had a healthy spicy grilled chicken balsamic wrap. This resturant is a must try for those of you healthy eaters in YYC. 

We drove to Banff and went to Chilis for supper where I chipotle chicken salad. 

Both were delicious and I felt so good. 

Over the course of the next 6 days I began making a list of bad choices when it comes to my meals. Could I have eaten worse? Definitley. I made deicisons that weren’t as healthy as I had initially planned but I still tried to make concious ones. 

After the first two days I pretty much felt like crap all week. I went from feeling so healthy to feeling awful after every meal. 

And lets not get carried away.. I still made “better” choices..

When everyone got beaver tails… I did not. However, I ate so many foods I wasn’t used to eating and it killed my stomach. 

Could I have done better? YES and I wish I had. Not because I didn’t lose weight but because of how I felt from the foods I was eating. 

Sluggish. Tired. Awful.  

On your next vacation worry less about food and more about how you feel. You will enjoy your vacation more!.. 


If you do indulge a little to much. Drink too much wine like I did.. Move on, get over it and start fresh. 

I still had the BEST vacation ever. 

Check out those views. Banff is a MUST see. 

Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread 

Makes 16 squares

This recipe is orignally by Jamie Eason but of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I changed it. I’ll give you both so you can decide for yourself. 

  • 1/3c stevia (I used equal maple syrup) *to swirl into before baking*
  • 2 tsp cinnamon *to swirl into before baking*
  • 1.5c flour (I used 1c oat flour 1/2c unbleached flour) 
  • 2 scoops protein 
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2c stevia (I didn’t use this) 
  • 2 egg whites or 1 whole egg 
  • 1/3c greek yogurt 
  • 1c milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla 

Preheat oven 350 – 8×8 pan for 28 minutes. 

I accidently forgot about the swirl and threw all the ingridents in a bowl and mixed…. It still tastes good! 

But if you want the pretty swirl… Leave the first two ingridents out (I don’t think maole syrup will work for this so you will have to use stevia or sugar Mix the dry first and the wet seperately then mix together. Pour in dish then swirl the cinnamon sugar mixture through! 

That mixture on top is from my very first blog post the vanilla creme from my oreo pancakes! 

  • Plain Greek Yogurt 
  • No sugar added syrup
  • Vanilla 

Xo, Marissa 

Day 7: Setting realistic goals

So often I see people setting goals that are unrealistic for the time frame they expect. 

Enter my goals.. Ideally I would LOVE to lose 40 more pounds before my wedding in four months.. Is it doable? Well yes, under extreme discipline and hard work I could come pretty close to that goal. But.. A realistic goal for my next four months is 20lbs. 

That being said would I be happy 20 pounds lighter.. for sure. I’d feel great, look great and be looking a small bit better then I did before pregnancy..


Of course that isn’t good enough for me! 

So I am going to do what I tell all my clients not to do and set a goal that is attainable but quite hard. 

Today is the 21st so tomorrow I will have exactly four months until my wedding. 

Which is 10lbs a month.

I might not make this goal but i’m gonna sweat trying!!! 

I just finished my Country Heat workout and I really enjoyed it but.. Those heavy weights are calling my name. 

If I have any shot at all of hitting that goal I am definately going to have to start hitting the heavy weights. 


And mayyybe tidying up my diet…

Definitely tidying up my diet. 

Today my meal plan breakdown was:

Breakfast: 2 eggs boiled & ezekiel toast

Snack: Strawberries, laughing cow cheese & four crackers 

Lunch: Shredded Chicken Sandwich

Snack: Mixed Berry Shakeology 

Supper: Moose Pie

Snack: Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie 

I know myself that way of eating is not going to get me to 40lbs ha ha!! So I am not off to a good start.

Is it unhealthy? No especially not the way I’m cooking it.

Would I eventually lose weight by eating this way and continuing my workouts? Definitely. 

Will I be where I want to be by my wedding? Definitely not. 

Time to smarten up! 

Xo, Marissa 

Ps. Protein Cinnamon Swirl Bread Recipe in next post. Enjoy! 

Day 5 & 6 

This challenge has been a lot easier then my vegan challenge. I have been eating healthy and exercising every day. 

One thing I have found so far is I don’t love the shakeology. It tastes fine but I am not a huge shake lover. I would much rather eat real food instead of drink a shake but I will continue to drink it for the rest of the month. 

Today my meals were: 

  • 2 boiled eggs and 1 slice ezkeil toast
  • Laughing cow cheese (1), breton crackers, 1 small banana 
  • Ezikeil wrap, spinach, mushrooms, green pepper and feta 
  • Strawberries 
  • Steak, asparagus, peppers, mushrooms and onions 

I had a bit of a off day and didn’t hit all my containers because I needed to get groceries but tomorrow will be a more organized day. 

I roasted my veggies in the oven on 425. Drizzle with olive oil, mrs dash no sodium lemon pepper and garlic powder. 

Instead of a workout video today I decided to go outside for a walk because it was a gorgeous day! 

Day 3 & 4

One thing I did find hard about my 30 days vegan is committing to a blog post every night. I found some posts suffered because I ran out of energy and things to talk about. It also took time away from my family. So I have decided not to put that pressure into this challenge. 

My plan is to commit to at least three blogs a week. Some weeks I might post more but my goal is three! 

This shake is making my life. 

  • Protein powder 
  • 8oz Coffee
  • Natural Peanut Butter 
  • Ice 
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk 

I don’t replace a meal with a shake, my shakes are usually a mid morning snack. 

This is officially one of my favorite snacks but it isn’t very filling. I have been having it as an afternoon snack to hold me over till lunch. 

  • 4 Breton low sodium crackers 
  • Laughing cow cheese 
  • Strawberries 

Such a yummy snack. 

So.. if you’ve been following along this journey from the beginning..

I finally caved. 

Delicious, cheesy  definitely not vegan nachos. 

But back on track tomorrow! 

If your wondering if it was worth it… it was. 

Xo, Marissa  

Day 2! 

This healthy eating plan has me feeling amazing and “lean” (the feeling not the look I’m clearly not there yet ha ha!!!!) 

This is the easiest time healthy eating has ever been for me. After being so restricted for a month before hand it has made me feel like I have a million choices and so many great tasting options. 

My meals for today… 

I did have one more meal I forgot to take a picture of and that was my shakeology which I had this evening. I was busy today and missed one meal but still felt good. 

Meal one: 1 egg, two slices blue menu turkey bacon, strawberries and slice of toast

Meal two: strawberries, laughing cow cheese, Breton low sodium crackers 

Meal three: fixate taco, spinach and wrap

Meal four: spinach and feta stuffed chicken and sautéed veggies 

Meal five: shakeology, ice, banana, almond milk. 

I did another country heat workout today and I really enjoyed it. You kinda have to give it your all to get all the benefits of it but I’m in love with the 30 minute workouts they are about all the time I can put forward right now and honestly all I have energy for! 

I find this plan is making me put my workouts first which is so important. We so easily push our health and well being aside to clean the house or do laundry but we need to stop! It’s easier to workout in the morning and do your house cleaning when the kids go to bed or after work than workout in the evening when you have no energy and want to relax. You eventually will have to do your laundry so you have to make time for it but you don’t necessarily have to workout. Which is why it’s so much more important to take your first opportunity to get that workout in rather then wait and say you’ll do it tonight.. We both know you won’t!  

Get out of bed early, get that workout in before you’re even awake enough to realize what your doing, put a smile on your face and get on with your day!!! 

You will feel better for it.

I promise. 

Day 1.. Take two! 

Challenge number two started today and this one is WAY more my kind of challenge. 

Meal breakdown…. ⬇⬇⬇

Meal one: Two eggs, 1 slice ezkiel toast, kiwi *1-R 1-Y 1-P* 

Meal two: vanilla shakeology super food shake, tbsp cocoa, 8oz coffee cooled, 8oz ice. Blend! *1-R* 

Meal three: cranberry, goat cheese & chicken salad! I split this huge salad with my grandma and didn’t use any dressing! *1/2-R 1/2-B 1-o 2-G* 

Meal four: 1/2 spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast and strawberries *1-R 1/2-B 1-P* 

Meal five: fixate taco meat with 1 green c spinach and ezkiel wrap. *1-R 1-G 1-Y*

Meal six: Oats, cinnamon and strawberries *1-Y 1-P* 

For those of you wondering how my meat and dairy was today… it was amazing. 

Honestly, going plant based made me appreciate chicken breast, eggs and healthy eating so much. 

My opinion on day one..

  • I have never eaten this much fruit or advised this much fruit on a weight loss plan 
  • I felt so good all day 
  • And I can’t wait for tomorrow. 

For my workout today I did a country heat workout. I was so tired today so I decided to do a fun workout I knew I would enjoy and want to finish! 

I am going to prep a bit more chicken tonight before bed or tomorrow morning and will post those recipes tomorrow! 

Happy Wednesday! 

xo, Marissa