A late C.E.W.. Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers 

This week was my first week back to work from maternity leave. 

Its safe to say this has been the most hectic week of my life.. 

Trying to balance making lunches, cooking supper and having bags packed on top of a new routine of needing to have the baby fed, changed and at the babysitters in time…

Well.. Lets just say we are tired. 

To top it off I decided to also start working out again and I’m working on a more permanent blog.. 

So despite my lack of a clean eating Wednesday recipe I have been eating pretty clean this week! 

However, I promised clean eating Wednesday but this week clean eating Thursday will have to do! 

Follow this link for ⬇⬇⬇

Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

All in all Aaryn is loving the babysitters where she gets to be with one of her best friends every day and work has been great so far! 


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