M.I.A & FREE 12 Week Program & Motivation Group! 

Hey All, 

Clearly I have been M.I.A these past few weeks.. between traveling every where and now preparing to head back to work I haven’t had much time for blogging! 

I am working on a few new projects as well and an updated website. 

This post is to invite all of you to join me in a ******FREE***** 12 WEEK PROGRAM (burn fat & build muscle) starting Monday, May 12! 

I will be starting a facebook page to keep everyone motivated (including myself), supported, offer recipes, advice and make sure everyone kills their workouts! 

This program does require a gym and all your workouts will be at your finger tips on an app on your phone! 

I’m looking for people deticiated to making a change in their lives and really sticking to this program for 12 weeks! Find a friend or family member and get them to do the program with you! 

You can live anywhere to complete this program! Lets get movtivated and moving. 

Interested? Email me: marissa-abbott@hotmail.com or message me on facebook and we will get started! 

Reminder: This program is FREE. FREE. FREE. 


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