C.E.W: Sweet & Sour Chicken Meatballs 


I’m so excited to start making some of your favourite recipes meet your health and fitness goals! 

By popular demand my first recipe is sweet and sour meatballs! I’ve been trying to make this recipe clean for longer than I can remember without compromising taste and I think I have finally done it! You be the judge, try out my recipes and tell me what you think and don’t forget to let me know! Tag me in your pictures/email me. 

Now… Be pre-warned this recipe still invovles ketchup. I have TRIED to make this recipe without and I have yet to make it work and taste even remotely like sweet and sour meatballs. The only step further to go would be to make your own homemade ketchup.

But let’s be realistic, are you going to do that? 

Sweet & Sour Chicken Meatballs 

Makes 4 servings: (3 meatballs each)


  • 1 Package Ex Lean Ground Chicken (mine was around 430g)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1/3c Oats (ground or whole.. I used whole) 
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (for cooking in pan) 

Cook meatballs over medium heat until fully cooked through before adding sauce. 


    • 1 small container (single serve) of Unsweetened Apple Sauce (150ml) 
    • 2 tbsp soya sauce 
    • 1/2c Vinager 
    • 1/4c ketchup 
    • 1tbsp flour mixed with 2tbsp water 
    • Salt 
    • Pepper 
    • Garlic Powder 

    Add sauce to pan and heat until sauce thickens up. 

          Serve with 1/2c cooked long grain brown rice. 

          One Serving: (including rice) calories: 388, carbs: 42g, protein: 24g, fat: 13g 

          Enjoy, xo 


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