Wine(less) April and VEGAN/Refined Sugar Free PB & J Bars 

As we all know wine (or any alcohol for that matter) does not help with weight loss or with rheumatoid pain.

I’ve learned that drinking any kind of alcohol really flares up my RA pain but I LOVE wine!

I have really suffered the past month with my rheumatoid pain to the point where something HAS to change.

Is it because I added meat and dairy back in? Maybe! I thought I didn’t notice a huge difference at the end of being vegan but since going back my pain has gotten worse. Is it related? Most likely. But I really don’t know.

Also when I went vegan I didn’t give up wine….

So in the spirit of trying to control my pain I’m giving up all alcohol (even though all I drink is wine or the occasional beer) for the month of April.

I love a glass of wine on Friday night’s or a cold beer with BBQ so this could be a bit of a challenge!!

It is already April 4th but I haven’t had any alcohol in the past four days.

Yay me!

I’ve also been trying to eat a bit less meat and dairy again. However, this time I am being waaay more strategic in how I cut things out and taking it slow.

I really thought I was gonna die from deprevation last time!!!!

Dramatic. I know.


The real reason your here..

These AMAZING PB & J Bars Recipe: I seen this recipe on Jillian Harris’ blog but as usual…

I changed it a bit… So here is my version below… Also. I scanned and created this recipe in my fitness pal and it came out to 122 cal/bar.



  • Box of pitted dates
  • 2c oats
  • 2tbsp cocout oil

Mix in good processor, press in a parchment paper lined 9×11 pan, refridgerate

PB Layer:

  • 1 can coconut milk (freeze for a few hours before use)
  • 1c Natural PB (can subsititute any nut butter or wow butter)

Place in freezer until firm.

Jam Topping:

  • No sugar added Jam heated and then spread over top.

Freeze until firm.

Keep refridgerated/freeze!

Makes 30. 122 cal/bar

These are good. Like REALLY good and a great snack for kids too.

*CLEAN IT UP tip: make your own jam to top it with WITHOUT ADDING SUGAR (I’m going to try this next time).*

Peanut Alergy? Use almond butter, cashew butter or WOW butter. (Will change calories per bar)

Xo, Marissa


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