Vacation is HARD 

Ok.. Its time for real talk! 

And it has been a while.. 

Vacation is HARD when it comes to eating healthy! 

My vacation started off great, I packed my healthy snacks and was so mentally prepared to have a healthy vacation. 

When we got to Calgary we went to a really healthy resturant called The Chopped Leaf and I had a healthy spicy grilled chicken balsamic wrap. This resturant is a must try for those of you healthy eaters in YYC. 

We drove to Banff and went to Chilis for supper where I chipotle chicken salad. 

Both were delicious and I felt so good. 

Over the course of the next 6 days I began making a list of bad choices when it comes to my meals. Could I have eaten worse? Definitley. I made deicisons that weren’t as healthy as I had initially planned but I still tried to make concious ones. 

After the first two days I pretty much felt like crap all week. I went from feeling so healthy to feeling awful after every meal. 

And lets not get carried away.. I still made “better” choices..

When everyone got beaver tails… I did not. However, I ate so many foods I wasn’t used to eating and it killed my stomach. 

Could I have done better? YES and I wish I had. Not because I didn’t lose weight but because of how I felt from the foods I was eating. 

Sluggish. Tired. Awful.  

On your next vacation worry less about food and more about how you feel. You will enjoy your vacation more!.. 


If you do indulge a little to much. Drink too much wine like I did.. Move on, get over it and start fresh. 

I still had the BEST vacation ever. 

Check out those views. Banff is a MUST see. 


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