111 days, beachbody review & missing vegan days.. 

Wake up call.

The wedding is only 111 days away and in all honesty. This past month has been less than sucessful when it has come to weightloss.

Here has been my true thoughts on beachbody so far but obviously if you read my last post I fell off the radar on my vacation.

Shakeology – The shakes are OK. Some recipes better than others. Its a super food protein shake which is great but I am now 100% in love with the taste. In all honesty i’ve never been a huge protein powder lover anyway.

And shakeology is expensive. If you love it, GREAT! It has lots of great things in it..

Portion fix- Great program, very easy to follow and very easy to make the right choices. But it is a great weight loss tool over time.

Online workouts – These are great! So much variety quick & easy. Love it! Do I miss the gym? definitely!  Does it give me the same feeling? No. But it works for me right now and even when I return to the gym I will continue these workouts as well!


I need to buckle down. Get serious and get to where I want to be for the wedding.

111 days.

I will admit, ever since I added dairy and meat back into my diet I haven’t felt as good as I did when I was vegan for 30 days.

I am going to start adding more of those recipes back in and work towards a healthier me and listen to my body.

Lets get this journey back on track.




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