Day 7: Setting realistic goals

So often I see people setting goals that are unrealistic for the time frame they expect. 

Enter my goals.. Ideally I would LOVE to lose 40 more pounds before my wedding in four months.. Is it doable? Well yes, under extreme discipline and hard work I could come pretty close to that goal. But.. A realistic goal for my next four months is 20lbs. 

That being said would I be happy 20 pounds lighter.. for sure. I’d feel great, look great and be looking a small bit better then I did before pregnancy..


Of course that isn’t good enough for me! 

So I am going to do what I tell all my clients not to do and set a goal that is attainable but quite hard. 

Today is the 21st so tomorrow I will have exactly four months until my wedding. 

Which is 10lbs a month.

I might not make this goal but i’m gonna sweat trying!!! 

I just finished my Country Heat workout and I really enjoyed it but.. Those heavy weights are calling my name. 

If I have any shot at all of hitting that goal I am definately going to have to start hitting the heavy weights. 


And mayyybe tidying up my diet…

Definitely tidying up my diet. 

Today my meal plan breakdown was:

Breakfast: 2 eggs boiled & ezekiel toast

Snack: Strawberries, laughing cow cheese & four crackers 

Lunch: Shredded Chicken Sandwich

Snack: Mixed Berry Shakeology 

Supper: Moose Pie

Snack: Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie 

I know myself that way of eating is not going to get me to 40lbs ha ha!! So I am not off to a good start.

Is it unhealthy? No especially not the way I’m cooking it.

Would I eventually lose weight by eating this way and continuing my workouts? Definitely. 

Will I be where I want to be by my wedding? Definitely not. 

Time to smarten up! 

Xo, Marissa 

Ps. Protein Cinnamon Swirl Bread Recipe in next post. Enjoy! 


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