Day 2! 

This healthy eating plan has me feeling amazing and “lean” (the feeling not the look I’m clearly not there yet ha ha!!!!) 

This is the easiest time healthy eating has ever been for me. After being so restricted for a month before hand it has made me feel like I have a million choices and so many great tasting options. 

My meals for today… 

I did have one more meal I forgot to take a picture of and that was my shakeology which I had this evening. I was busy today and missed one meal but still felt good. 

Meal one: 1 egg, two slices blue menu turkey bacon, strawberries and slice of toast

Meal two: strawberries, laughing cow cheese, Breton low sodium crackers 

Meal three: fixate taco, spinach and wrap

Meal four: spinach and feta stuffed chicken and sautéed veggies 

Meal five: shakeology, ice, banana, almond milk. 

I did another country heat workout today and I really enjoyed it. You kinda have to give it your all to get all the benefits of it but I’m in love with the 30 minute workouts they are about all the time I can put forward right now and honestly all I have energy for! 

I find this plan is making me put my workouts first which is so important. We so easily push our health and well being aside to clean the house or do laundry but we need to stop! It’s easier to workout in the morning and do your house cleaning when the kids go to bed or after work than workout in the evening when you have no energy and want to relax. You eventually will have to do your laundry so you have to make time for it but you don’t necessarily have to workout. Which is why it’s so much more important to take your first opportunity to get that workout in rather then wait and say you’ll do it tonight.. We both know you won’t!  

Get out of bed early, get that workout in before you’re even awake enough to realize what your doing, put a smile on your face and get on with your day!!! 

You will feel better for it.

I promise. 


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