Meal Prep! 

I have a love – hate relationship with meal prep. The idea of it is amazing but.. surprise surprise I don’t really like leftovers….. (picky I know, at least you don’t have to live with me). 

So with that said my meal prep is not a 5-7 day full prep but you could always do that if you wish with the recipes I use. Usually I would do a meal prep on Sunday but where my last day vegan was today it was kind of a weird scheduling. This is like a half meal prep to get me through the week. Sunday coming meal prep will be waaay more in depth along with a look at my grocery cart! 

My plan for this week is to cook my breakfast fresh every morning. My aim will be 2 eggs, a carb of some sort, and some fruit! (I will post pictures and recipes as I make those). Tomorrow my plan is two boiled eggs, 1 slice toast and fruit! For the portion fix meal plan I am trying out it will be (1-Red, 1 – yellow and 1-purple). 

I also prepped some oatmeal this morning so I will have it easily on hand to just grab and go. 

Spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast…… 

Does that look good or what? I was drooling today making this.  

I used a meat mallet to flatten my chicken and filled each chicken breast with 1 – green full of spinach and 1-blue of feta. I only get 1 blue a day so I am using it wisely! Bake at 375 for 40 min. Around 1/2 of this chicken breast will count as 1-Red.  I know what your thinking, ONLY HALF? but keep in mind I’m eating 6 balanced meals a day. You could eat 3 big meals with all your containers if you wanted but that isn’t the most effective form of weightloss. 

I will also be drinking one shakeology shake a day for a snack.. depending on what I put in it will count as 1 red and most likely 1 yellow. 

Fixate taco meat! 

Let’s face it, taco meat doesn’t look that appealing as it is but I am hoping this stuff is good. My plan for this is to put 1 red in a wrap along with 1- green full with spinach! In the end this meal will be 2 – green, 1- red and 1- yellow. 

I found this recipe on pinterest just as a picture of a cookbook. If you want to see all my pinned beachbody recipes head over to my Pinterest @mariss4 (board is named BEACH Body) I will constantly be searching for new meal prep recipes and will pin them there! 

Those two meats are really all I prepped today because the rest I will probably make on the spot because I am home during the day most days. 

I will post tomorrow what my entire day looked like as well as pictures of my meals. I also did take before pictures and will be completely transparent on this journey of everything I am eating and the workouts I am doing so you can see my results! 

xo, Marissa 


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