Day 1.. Take two! 

Challenge number two started today and this one is WAY more my kind of challenge. 

Meal breakdown…. ⬇⬇⬇

Meal one: Two eggs, 1 slice ezkiel toast, kiwi *1-R 1-Y 1-P* 

Meal two: vanilla shakeology super food shake, tbsp cocoa, 8oz coffee cooled, 8oz ice. Blend! *1-R* 

Meal three: cranberry, goat cheese & chicken salad! I split this huge salad with my grandma and didn’t use any dressing! *1/2-R 1/2-B 1-o 2-G* 

Meal four: 1/2 spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast and strawberries *1-R 1/2-B 1-P* 

Meal five: fixate taco meat with 1 green c spinach and ezkiel wrap. *1-R 1-G 1-Y*

Meal six: Oats, cinnamon and strawberries *1-Y 1-P* 

For those of you wondering how my meat and dairy was today… it was amazing. 

Honestly, going plant based made me appreciate chicken breast, eggs and healthy eating so much. 

My opinion on day one..

  • I have never eaten this much fruit or advised this much fruit on a weight loss plan 
  • I felt so good all day 
  • And I can’t wait for tomorrow. 

For my workout today I did a country heat workout. I was so tired today so I decided to do a fun workout I knew I would enjoy and want to finish! 

I am going to prep a bit more chicken tonight before bed or tomorrow morning and will post those recipes tomorrow! 

Happy Wednesday! 

xo, Marissa 


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