Tomorrow is my LAST day Vegan.. Maybe forever, maybe not who knows! (I’m impulsive like that).

I will definitely have some “vegan days” ie. meat, dairy and egg free days but I am SO looking forward to chicken and even a bit of cheese!!

They say not to quit cold turkey when going vegan because it is such a HUGE change and I have to agree. If you are thinking about going vegan, start slow. Cut out one thing at a time. Try red meat this month, dairy next.. It is very hard to change your lifestyle in 30 days. Find vegan foods you LOVE. Mine was carbs.. I ate carbs for the last 29 days.

Did I gain weight? No.

Did I lose weight? Maybe 3lbs.

Was it hard? Heck yes.

Is it doable? Yes, but don’t do it like me.

To say the least I am SO MISSING chicken and ready to get back to meeting my health and fitness goals. Of course I could have met them vegan.. But I was picky and could not adapt a taste for the foods I needed to. Am I quitting? No. I am going to keep trying recipes in my cookbooks and trying to incorporate a few vegan recipes a week. Who knows, in a year I could be fully vegan……..but probably not.

Today I was super boring and was in a just trying to get through mode.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt one more new vegan recipe for my final day and it will most likely be a sweet one but I haven’t picked it out yet. I will also give you a full breakdown of my past month…


I will be starting meal prep for my next 30 day project which is officially starting on Wednesday! I will hopefully be able to show some meal prep and how my eating is going to look over the next few weeks. (Be sure to look out for two separate posts tomorrow; a meal prep and DAY 30!)

This next project is totally a health and fitness weight loss project. I will give you guys an ALL-ACCESS PASS into the journey to my WEDDING BOD! Get your pen and paper ready because I will be giving away WAYYY TO MANY health, fitness and meal prep tips I have developed over the years! Of course I will be posting a BUNCH of free clean eating recipes as well…. and not the gross ones that really fit people that take pictures of their abs tell you taste good but really they are disgusting.

I will not deceive you like that.

Chat tomorrow when I quite possibly might stay up until 12:01AM to eat some cream cheese hot baked spinach dip and wings. Hmm or steak, steak would be good, steak and twice baked potatoes??

I’m dying.

xo, Marissa




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