Beachbody has arrived! 

Friday I received my beachbody package. 

As promised I will post pictures, descriptions and my thoughts below.. ⬇⬇⬇

My initial reaction.. 
That box is pretty small for all that money! Beachbody is a united states company so we as Canadians get hit with exchange rate.

Does this company/product have the potential to be worth it? Sure it does, if it is as good as they say it is. 

When people look at products like this they automatically ask price. As do I. Especially when people buy products and realize.. oh but I still have to do the work. I can’t just drink this shake and automatically lose weight. 

Remember.. if you can just drink that shake and automatically lose weight without exercise or healthy eating. Ask yourself, is this sustainable? Will I continue this lifestyle when I lose x amount of weight? AND most importantly is this healthy?

If your answer to all of those questions is Yes. Then spend that money. But if any of those questions is no. PASS 

There is no quick fix. If it is quick it’s unrealistic and unhealthy.  

In my package I got..

  • Shakeology 
  • Shaker Cup
  • Portion fix containers
  • A bigger container for meal prep 
  • Portion fix eating plan
  • Shakeology recipes 

My thoughts.

  1. Shakeology -I’m not to sure about this I’m going to give it a try. I find it expensive but if it’s worth it I’m ok with the price. 
  2. Shaker Cup – well come on? It’s a shaker cup..
  3. Portion fix containers – see portion fix meal plan 
  4. A bigger meal prep container – looks kinda cheap… 
  5. Portion Fix Meal plan – I’m kind of in love with this actually. It gives you food lists exactly what you need to eat and how much. An awesome tool, great for people who know nothing about healthy eating and even for those who do. 
  6. Shakeology recipes – some look really good. 

    I am starting-ish today but will be modifying until I can add meat back in on Wednesday! 


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