Day 26! 

I promise.. I am trying my hardest to like vegan food. 

I really am. 

I’m cooking new recipes and giving everything a fair chance! 

Today for supper I made Thug Kitchens white bean and red lentil burger with root veggie fries.

I followed these recipes down to the last spice. 

And I just can’t do it. The burger was dry and tasted like chili.. which isn’t bad if I was eating chili but I was eating a burger. 

The root veggie fries were good but can you really go wrong with fries?..

I also decided to make some Oh She Glows On the Go Chia Doughnuts with Lemon Coconut Whipped Cream! 


These were really good, you could tell they were healthy. Mine look alot different than hers because I didn’t have have a doughnut mold but she said you could bake them the same in muffin tins so that is what I did. 

I would definately make these again! 

Only a few days left! 


2 thoughts on “Day 26! 

  1. Confession I tried it for 3 days with you….then I had to have chicken. Lots and lots of chicken….I think your pretty amazing!!


    1. Haha its very challenging. I’m excited to be done. I found that it has hurt my fitness goals because it’s hard to lose weight when you don’t like alot of the food. You tend to head to the bad foods that are vegan! I haven’t lost weight this month, maybe three lbs! So I’m ready to get that chicken and eggs back in so I can hit my goals for my wedding!!


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