Day 25! 

Today was such a busy day! 

I didn’t get home until late but I promised vegan tacos and so.. I made Thug Kitchens Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos. 

I will admit, our family is kind of over the vegan meals. We still love our vegan breakfasts and desserts but we miss meat! 

The tacos weren’t bad tasting and they looked amazing! But Josh said “they aren’t bad but they’d be better with ground beef and cheese”. 

Like if you hated meat.. you’d like these tacos. The problem is, we love meat! Freakin’ meat lovers.  

You can find this recipe here.. ⬇⬇⬇

Really, they tasted tasted fine, but meat tacos are definately better. I’m sorry. You might like them.. 

I also promised Oh She Glows Almond Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.. 

As usual, I failed to follow the recipe fully. But mine were really good proabably not better because I removed some of the sugar but I’ll tell you what I did anyway! 

Her recipe: ⬇⬇⬇

I swapped out the sugars for 1/4c Canadian Grade A Maple Syrup. Added an extra 1/4c almond butter. And I used 1c of oats and 1c of oat flour. Instead of the almond meal because I was lazy. 

I followed everything else and the cook time and they turned out great!  


I ate way too many and then had to workout.. 

Happy Thursday!! 


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