Day 21: Family Day

Today flew by, like most days lately because our little one is crawling everywhere and… she’s fast!  

Our days now consist of chasing her around the house and trying to make sure she doesn’t get into everything she shouldn’t.. like the dog food bowl. 

We usually try to do a nice breakfast every weekend cause we have alot more time. What used to be omletes is now healthy pancakes!

We made the healthy chocolate chip pancakes I’ve made on a previous post. 

For lunch I made veggie pitas with spinach cucumber and peppers. Josh politely said they weren’t very filling and he wasn’t wrong. 

For an early supper I made a salad, sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus. 

It was delicious but by 6:30 I was starving.. luck was in my favor though because when we went to Sunday dinner my mother in law had cooked a Vegan cauliflower pea curry dish! 

Spoiled I know. 

It was delicious. And I forgot to take a picture. 

Support is so important when you do anything challenging and one of the things I’ve noticed most during my time vegan is I’m surrounded by so much support. 

Only just over a week left and if I said I wasn’t excited to be done I’d be lying!! 


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