Day 19: Hassle back potatoes!  

It’s Friday!!! 

We love Friday because we drink wine and eat junk food! 

On the menu tonight: 

  • Hassle back potatoes 
  • Pickle chips 

No it doesn’t make sense but I like variety and I’m kind of limited. 

Hassle back potatoes… LIKE COME ON.

Olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic powder 

425 for 60 min.

You’ve got to make these. They’d go good with anything. 

Pickle spears from previous post…. but I followed her recipe this time haha!!! 


I made a dill dipping sauce… YUM 

Equal parts vegan mayo and coconut yogurt and three tbsp lemon dilly epicure spice. 



Delicious. I literally dipped everything I could find in this!!! 

Obviously I finished this evening off with wine while completing this blog post. 

Happy Wine Day Friday. 



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