Day 17: Challenge CALL OUT & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Today was an awesome day. 

As the end of this 30 days is fast approaching I’m quickly considering new options for my next 30 days. 

I want to continue to challenge myself during my health and fitness journey and help others in the process. 

So.. this call out is to you! Is there a program or dietary plan your interested in knowing more about? Want me to review it for 30 days!? Let me know! I’m considering all options and I’m planning on doing a full before and after transformation story! (If there is one) I can guarantee I will give you a full HONEST review.  



  • Has to be Health & Fitness focused 
  • Clean eating and exercise
  • End game has to be lifestyle (I don’t want any quick fixes).

Through out all these 30 day trials my main focus is health but I want to expand my understanding of the different health and fitness programs and help others in the process! 

That being said I’m still vegan for 12 more days AND my mother in law bought me two new cookbooks!!!!

My love for cookbooks is unheard of.. Especially because I SUCK at following recipes (my family and friends can speak to that) but I love cookbooks So. Freaking. Much.. they are so pretty and new and have all these amazing recipes and ideas! 

It’s an obsession. 

Both of these cookbooks are vegan and they are GORGEOUS. 

They both hold so much information about healthy foods and if you don’t mind a few swears the Thug Kitchen Cookbook is hilarious! 

I can’t wait to dig in. 

I talk about the end of this 30 days and being vegan for only 12 more days but in all reality this time I have spent vegan has changed my life and the way I look at food. I will definately be adding a lot more plant based recipes into my life and not putting so much focus and emphasis on meat in my meals. 

Today I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  

Basically the Peanut butter cups from my earlier post that can be found here ⬇⬇

And melted vegan chocolate chips with 1 tbsp of coconut oil… 
Yummy and amazing.

For supper we had spaghetti squash pulled pork.  Minus the pork.  

Yeah pretty gross. Totally not good. 
There’s really no point to post the recipe buuuut for those of you who are interested..

Bleh. Dramatic? Yes. But not my fav. Maybe you’ll like them.. 


Remember my question for you is.. How can I help you reach your health and fitness goals? Is there a program you want to know more about? At the end of this 30 days vegan I’m going to start a new program and show you my complete results and I want to know what you want to see! 

Text me, email, comment below or message me on Facebook! 

What do you want to see.. I’ll be waiting! 


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