Day 6: Plant based isn’t easy 

When deciding to go plant based most places I read said to start slow, starting with one meal a day or changing out your dairy or meat products for plant based varieties until eventually you are fully plant based. 

It can be challenging and over whelleming to cut out almost everything you are used to eating and change your lifestyle completely. 

Every meal since going plant based has made me feel great. Never bloated or sick or overly full. I’m loving the way I feel and I want to enjoy the food so bad! Of course I could make homemade French fries every day and love being “plant based” but I want to be healthy as well which makes this process a lot of work. I definately can’t say I haven’t struggled the past week.

I can almost guarantee that in at least the past 10 years there hasn’t been one day that I haven’t eaten some form of meat, eggs or dairy. There probably hasn’t been one day in my entire life and I know that seems extreme but when you really think about it.. dairy alone is in so many products that we consume daily and meat is a staple to at least one meal a day for most people.  

I’m not writing this blog to convince anyone to go plant based, I don’t even know if I’ll stay plant based at the end of this 30 days. But I’m doing this to give my honest experience with this lifestyle. The good and the bad. I hope I learn to love this lifestyle because I really feel amazing but I can promise you it isn’t going to be easy and I don’t love it yet. 

This morning Josh requested Oreo Pancakes cause he hadn’t got to try them yet. 

I added some enjoy life chocolate chips mostly for looks but they also taste pretty good. (Recipe can be found on Day 1 post). This recipe is easily my favorite breakfast one so far. If you haven’t tried this yet you are missing out. Seriously they’re healthy and yummy! 

We took our daughter swimming today so I didn’t bake anything new, but I will be making more peanut butter cups tonight! 

We decided to have subway for supper, I almost always get the veggie sub anyway but today I got a veggie wrap. My favorite thing about subway is southwest sauce.. who’s isn’t!  But southwest sauce is definately not vegan so I had sweet onion instead, not my favorite but it did the trick. 

It was good.  Not amazing or delicious but it filled me up.

I am currently scanning pinterest for new plant based supper recipes because I’m finding suppers so hard! I am open to any ideas that don’t involve fake meat, beans, or sweet potatoes (unless in fry form) and don’t get me started on tofu. So my options are quite limited. 

Good luck to me. 

Now for some wine. 


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