Vegan-tines Day!

Valentine’s Day is a universal day for going out eating anything you want, which always includes dessert and feeling no guilt. If you are in love or not, you eat what you want.

Today was a day of indulgence for me however, not once did I feel bloated or unhealthy. I started my day with a Vegan Banana French Toast Bake from


You can find the full recipe on her website!

For lunch I attempted my second Vegan Bufflo wrap but instead of tofu today I decided to do myself a favour and try vegan Gardein”chicken” strips. I feel like in order for me to be ok with tofu I need to be ok with other meatless options and today was my vegan-tines indulgence day so I didn’t mind.


I only used two strips, spinach, Frank’s hot sauce, green peppers and a food for life wrap. It was DELICIOUS. I felt like I was eating chicken and I felt so satisfied. This is officially my treat food. I wouldn’t eat these often, but they are as guilt free as chicken strips could ever come!

After lunch a few friends and I took pictures of our gorgeous babies for Valentine’s Day.

So. Cute.

Usually on Valentine’s Day my fiancé cooks us dinner, fettuccini alfreado, the biggest piece of garlic bread you EVER seen and a fatty sugar filled dessert. OH and wine, don’t forget wine. This year I am Plant Based, I had no idea what to have and so I hit the grocery store because I can’t force my already stressed out when he cooks fiancé to now cook me something vegan.

At the grocery store I found some Daiya Supreme Frozen Pizza. I HATE frozen pizza but after my tofu last night I became a sceptic for thinking I am going to like any vegan “dairy” or “meat” products. I had purchased Daiya Cheese initially in my shopping but after trying one cold piece I really thought I wasn’t going to like it. So I decided for Vegan-tines day I would go all out and try the extremely expensive 9″ pizza. This pizza had Daiya cheese AND Vegan sausage, I knew if I liked this I could make my own pizza at home with the Dayia cheese and enjoy it, as well I thought I could use the sausage for other meals if I felt like I was missing meat.


Thankfully, I enjoyed the pizza! The crust wasn’t that great, stuck a little to your teeth but that could be because the box instructed I put it directly on the oven rack, which to me seemed like a mess waiting to happen so I put it on a cookie sheet.. but the cheese was good, the sausage was good and nothing stood out to me as being gross! This was such a success for me because after last night I was a little bit discouraged on the tofu. I can’t wait to make my own healthier pizza at home with my Daiya Mozzarella Cheese!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for or at least what I was waiting for.. 

What is Vegan-tines day without wine and what is vegan wine?


I haven’t researched vegan wine much yet, but that post is coming. In a quick pinch I did a bit of research and found out that Yellowtail an Austraillian wine IS Vegan but ONLY if you buy red, there white wines are not vegan as they use animal products (gelatine) in the fining process.


I bought a Cabernet Sauvignon but there was also a Merlot available at my liquor store. It was a delicious wine that was an excellent side to my vegan pizza.

LAST but most definitely not least… DESSERT!

I love So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream, it is Vegan Certified and SO DELICIOUS (ha ha). I usually buy the no sugar added version for a healthier sweet option but in honour of vegan-tines day I decided to try Salted Caramel Cashew cluster. (There is definitely sugar added to this kind).


First of all, of coarse this is delicious, look at it…. YUM. However, I haven’t eaten sugar since January 1st so I found it so sweet! I only had a few bites but that was enough, it was very good but very sweet! That being said, do I reccomend for a treat day?….. YES.

Day two I feel so good and still so excited.

 Happy Vegan-tines Day! 💗💗💗




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