30 Day Vegan

Vegan (Whole foods Plant Based) has been proven to prevent and reverse many diseases. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in November 2016 at 24 years old. So after some research I decided to try a 30 Day whole foods plant based diet to see if I can improve my pain and inflammation, prevent deformation, live healthier and get off my medication. I am very interested in how my body reacts without these foods that are known to cause inflammation. Through out these 30 days I will try and follow the following.. 

1. No meat, fish or poultry. 

2. No eggs or dairy.

3. No added sugars – this is currently how I’ve been eating since January and would like to continue this over the 30 days.  

4. Think outside the box! – I HATE salad and beans and LOVE chicken so this will be an interesting challenge for me. I will be trying new products and recipes and I will not be eating salad every day. 

5. Daily blog posts – I will post daily the foods I am eating, how I am feeling, what I like and dislike so far and new products I am finding. 

I don’t know what my life will look like after 30 days, will I have reduced pain, will I feel better, will I sleep better, will I continue? 

Stay tuned to find out. 

But for now, 30 days. 


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